"How To Write An Award Winning Screenplay", Producers Club, New York, 2016.
About The Workshop
To create an award winning screenplay, you need to do two things. First, you should write a great screenplay and second, you should submit it to festivals.
This workshopmainly focuses on,
I – What To Write : Theme, Character Creation and Dialogs, Structure, Plot/Subplots.
II – How To write :  Synopsis, Treatment, Sequences, Scenes, Formats.
III – How to Submit : Deck, Film Festivals, Pitching.
The workshop will be 3 hours.
1,5 hour for the first part, 1 hour second part and half an hour for the third part.
The workshop participiants will have a booklet which has the power point presentations pages, questionery about writing the scenes, characters.
Along the book, they will receive a Participiant Certificate, invitation for the 2017 New York International Screenplay Awards Ceremony, %50 off for the script analysis from Emine Dursun.
Upcoming Workshop dates:
December 4th, 11th, 18th - Sundays
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AboutThe NYISA
New York International Screenplay Awards, has been founded on April 2015 by Emine Dursun. NYISA aims to bring together the producers and all the screenwriters, whether amateur or professional from all over the world. Those scripts chosen have a chance to meet producers in New York. Along with this they will get cash and various other rewards.
All throughout the year the screenwriters from almost 20 countries have applied to the contest. Those who won had meetings withabout 10 New Yorker producers via online. 
The first of the award ceremonies took place on May 10th 2016 in Manhattan. The screenwriters who submitted their scripts, producers and the other guests who work in the American movie industry had a chance for networking oppurtunities at the award ceremony and the after party.
NYISA got submissions like the otherfestivals via the internet submission platforms named Film Freeway and Withoutabox.
NYISA Jury members are New Yorker producers, screenwriters and filmmakers who work on the submissions and providedetailed feedback.


"Screenwriting for Abroad",  Bahcesehir University, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

It was a workshop about festivals abroad and about the script being brought together with producers abroad, especially in the USA.
The workshop was also part of the Scriptwriting Certificate program with the participation of university students.
As general headings:

• To protect the rights, Writers Guild Of America presentation.
• Pitch Festivals in the U.S.
• Scriptwriting Competitions and Film Festivals
• Screenwriter Agencies
• Online platforms for the screenwriters
• Screenwriting Labs
• The supports provided by the Turkish Ministery of Culture

'How To Write A Screenply " , American Collegiate Institute, 2012, Izmir, Turkey

It was a workshop attended by American Collegiate Institute students. During this day-long workshop, interactive student participation was ensured. In general, the following topics were discussed:[

• What is the scenario?
• How can you write a script?
• How are the TV series and movie scenarios differences?
• What are the basic rules for writing the script?
• Examined structure of popular TV series/movies.

"Screenwriting for Abroad",  Sadri Alışık Academy, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey

The goal of Sadri Alışık Akademi is to give high-quality, well-trained performer candidates who are modern, knowledgeable, intellectual; who exceed expectations and can develop distinctive art orientated services to the Theater, Cinema and TV world through the creation of a productive, creative, academic sharing environment where respect for art is the fundamental value. Sadri Alışık Akademi aims to provide a free and modern perspective to individuals by kneading them with art. It provides creative space that is specific to the performer candidate and leads with the right education by diversifying the points of interest in the arts. The performer candidates who will be associated with our great master Sadri Alışık, who gave his name to the institution, must be able to carry this name properly both in terms of artistic competence and work ethics. The philosophy and education policy that is necessary to train a performer is created nd implemented at Sadri Alışık Academy.

It was a workshop about how to take part in the film festivals and competitions abroad with your script and which steps to follow in order to do so. The participants were Screenwriting students of SAKM.

• To protect the rights, Writers Guild Of America presentation.
• Pitch Festivals in the U.S.
• Scripwriting Competitions and Film Festivals
• Screenwriter Agencies
• Online platforms for the screenwriters
• Screenwriting Labs
• How to make a project file.
• The supports provided by the Turkish Ministery of Culture

 This workshop performed 3 times: 1stApril 2012,2ndOctober 2012,3rdMay 2013

"Screenwriting for Abroad",  Scriptwriters Union Association, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

The purpose of the Screenwriters’ Association is to protect and develop intellectual property rights of film and television screenwriters, to ensure their compliance with international standards in favor of screenwriters;  to contribute to the enactment of EU harmonization laws; to work towards improving the professional and artistic quality of the screenwriting profession; to convey international experience in this regard to its members; to ensure improvement and development of professional work and creativity conditions, to ensure the development; to assure professional peace and solidarity among screenwriters; to determine the ethical rules and principles of the profession and ensure their implementation; to maintain and enhance the dignity of the profession, to increase its social awareness, to warrant screenwriters to be included in the international professional networks, and enter into unity and solidarity with peer organizations all over the world.


This one-day workshop organized by the Association of Writer

• International film and Pitch festivals
• Script competitions
• Writers Guild Of America and the other options
• Talent Agencies in U.S.